Six rolls baked with 100% whole wheat flour with dietary fiber. Perfect for sandwiches to take to school, and for encouraging your children to eat whole grains as part of their diet. Does not contain any food coloring or trans fat.

Whole wheat flour (contains gluten, 100% of all flour, 56% of product weight), water, wheat gluten, vegetable oil (soy), yeast, white sugar, table salt, emulsifier (E481), soybean powder, preservative (E282), ascorbic acid (E300), baking baking enzymes.

Badatz Kosher.

Contains: Wheat gluten and soy. May contain: Sesame seeds.

  • משקל
    450 gr
  • No trans fat
  • Kosher certification by Badatz, the Ultra-Orthodox community
  • Wholemeal flours 100%
  • מדבקת
    Efshari bari
Product picture of Whole Wheat Rolls