Vadash’s classic white bread is our traditional bread, crafted to perfection throughout many years of baking. Its great flavor and fine soft texture make it great for toasts, sandwiches or even by itself.

About 56 calories in one slice.

White flour (contains gluten, 100% of all flours, 66% of the product's weight), water, yeast, vegetable oil (soybean), table salt, sugar, soybean powder, preservative (E282), emulsifier (E481), ascorbic acid (E300), acidity regulator (E330), baking enzymes. E481- up to 3g for 1kg of the final product, E282- up to 3000mg for 1 kg of the final product, E300, E330- quantum satis.

Badatz Kosher.

Contains: wheat – gluten and soy. May contain: sesame.

  • No trans fat
  • משקל
    500 gr
  • Kosher certification by Badatz, the Ultra-Orthodox community
Product picture of Sliced White Bread - Vadash