Berman’s sliced wholemeal Galilean bread is rich with bran and oat fiber and low on calories. With its seed-coated crust, Berman’s Galilean bread is a hearty and enjoyable addition to a balanced diet.

About 83 calories in one slice.

Please note that the weight of one super thick slice is 40g as opposed to 32-33g of one regular-sized slice.

Whole wheat flour (contains gluten, 70% of all flours, 27% of the product’s weight), water, whole rye flour (contains gluten, 30% of all flours, 11% of the product’s weight), wheat gluten, rye sourdough (contains gluten), oat fiber (4%), corn flour, yeast, oat flakes (3%), soybean flakes, table salt, flax seeds, stabilizer (E412), emulsifier (E481), preservative (E282), ascorbic acid (E300), baking enzymes. E481- up to 3g for 1kg of the final product, E282- up to 3000mg for 1 kg of the final product, E300, E412- quantum satis.

Badatz Kosher.

Contains: wheat – gluten, rye – gluten, oats – gluten and soy. May Contain: sesame.

  • משקל
    750 gr
  • Dietary fiber
  • Sourdough
  • Wholemeal flours 100%
  • No trans fat
  • No added sugar
  • מדבקת
    Efshari bari
  • מאושר ע
    Approved by the Israel Diabetes Association
  • Kosher certification by Badatz, the Ultra-Orthodox community
Product picture of Berman's Galilean Bread