100% oat bread

Oats are grains that are rich with vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber. With the new 100% oat bread from the "Ha'aretz bread" collection, it is now easier and simpler to include oats in your daily diet.

100% oat bread is rich with protein, and contains 16 gr of protein per 100 gr (3 slices) of product

Oats are digested slowly and help our body maintain a balanced sugar level, therefore constantly charging our body with energy throughout the day

Oats include soluble fiber that decelerate the gastric emptying process and help you feel satiated during the day

Studies have found that oats reduce the risk for heart-diseases and may have a positive impact on the level of “bad” cholesterol (LDL) in our body

Studies have found that oats help balance the sugar level in our body (including people who suffer from diabetes) and help maintain a better Glycemic balance

Oats are a good source of minerals such as iron, manganese, zinc, magnesium and vitamin B

Hearty sliced bread baked with 100% oat flour together with the goodness of dietary fibers, making it a simple choice that supports your goal of living a balanced life!

About 70 calories in one slice. 

Whole oat flour (contains gluten, 100% of all flours, 40% of the product's weight), water, wheat gluten, sugar, wheat malt, salt, yeast, dietary fiber, acidity regulator (E170), preservatives (E202, E282), ascorbic acid (E300), acidity regulator (E330), enzymes.

Badatz Kosher.

Contains: wheat – gluten, oats – gluten. May contain: sesame and soy.

  • Wholemeal flours 100%
  • Protein - 6 gr
  • מדבקת
    Efshari bari
  • Kosher certification by Badatz, the Ultra-Orthodox community
  • משקל
    500 gr
  • Dietary fiber
Product picture of 100% Oat Bread