Light Danish Bread (Vadash)
Sliced low calories bread made with whole wheat and whole rye flours

Low calorie, produced from a mixture of whole flours (wheat and rye) with added oatmeal fibers, sunflower seeds and flax seeds, which are rich with unsaturated fats with high nutritious value. No added sugar, no added vegetables fats, trans fat free, and no food coloring. About 60 cal per piece.

Information on allergens: May contain sesame and eggs.

Kosher Edah HaChareidis Badtz

Nutritional Values

Nutritional values for 100 grams

Energy (calories)
Protein (g)
Carbohydrate (g)
Dietary fiber content (g)
Lipid (g)
Saturated fatty acids (g)
Trans fatty acids (g)
Cholesterol (mg)
Sodium (mg)

Less than 0.5
Less than 2.5

Ingredients: Water, Whole wheat flour (75% of all flours, 31% of product weight), whole rye flour (25% of all flours, 10% of product weight), yeast, oatmeal fibers (4%), table salt, linseed, apple vinegar, sunflower seeds, oatmeal flakes, acidity regulator (E330, E270, E260), wheat malt, soy powder, emulsifier (E481), preservatives (E202, E282), ascorbic acid (E300),baking enzymes. Contains gluten from wheat, rye and oatmeal.

Light Danish Bread

Light Danish Bread