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Introducing: Israel’s first bread with prebiotic fibers

Written by: Hadas Yariv (M Sc, MBA), food technician and nutrition expert. What are prebiotic fibers? Prebiotic fibers are short-chained sugars known as soluble dietary fibers. These fibers are not broken-down by the small intestine enzymes but undergo fermentation by intestine bacteria. The prebiotic fibers are vital to our health because in the fermentation process […]

Berman’s Bakery Breads with “Efshari Bari” signature

The national plan of the Ministry of Health aims to encourage consumption of whole grain and low sodium breads. We gladly embrace it and present to you the list of the Berman’s Bakery, Vadash and Lechem HaAretz breads which carry the standard “Efshari Bari”. “Efshari Bari” is a national program for a healthier and more […]

The Bread Shelf- Everything You Need to Know About Our Variety of Breads

Written By: Hadas Yariv (M.Sc, MBA), food technician and nutrition expert. Bread has always been the base of the human diet. The grains’ high conservation capacity, the large carbs quantity and the nutritious value allowed our ancestors to live “on bread alone”. Historically, white bread, baked from white sifter flour, was considered the bread of […]

The Virtue of Rye Bread for the Pre Diabetic and Diabetic Patient

Whole rye breads are known for their health virtues, such as increment of satiety, assistance to the digestive system function, long term energy, vitamins, many minerals and reduction of the risk of colon and breast cancer. Furthermore, whole rye breads, especially bread from 100% whole rye flour, are extremely recommended for pre diabetic and diabetic […]

Pre germination whole wheat- technology and dietary benefits

Written by: Hadas Yariv (M Sc, MBA), food technician and nutrition expert. The benefits of whole wheat The desire to adopt a healthier lifestyle and to supply our bodies with the vitamins and minerals it needs in the most natural way, drives us to seek healthier nutrition. Whole grains which contain all parts of the […]

Dietary Fibers, Grains and Functional Foods

Written By: Hadas Yariv (M.Sc, MBA(, food technician and nutrition expert. Dietary fibers, grains and functional foods More and more consumers are looking to balance a healthy diet with fun eating. Consumers are interested in purchasing food with positive health impact, and adapt wise dietary habits that help fight a variety of diseases such as: […]