Haaretz Bread

The “Haaretz Bread” boutique bakery manufactures our premium breads. The Haaretz Bread series includes 14 different artisanal breads baked using traditional stone ovens. All breads in this series contain natural sourdough and whole grain flours that enrich the flavor and provide it with a special texture.

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Brand benefits

  • Artisanal Breads

    Carefully baked following an ancient tradition
  • Quality and Freshness

    We use only the freshest ingredients and bake our breads on a daily basis.
  • Dietary Fiber

    A selection of whole wheat breads rich in unsaturated fats and high in nutritional value.
  • No

    No food coloring, no trans fat, no vegetable oil, no added sugar
  • Sourdough Bread

    Bread enriched with rye sourdough, which gives a unique taste and texture rich in nutritional value.

Brand products