The Berman Group has a long standing tradition of baking breads and special baked goods, as well as strict quality control. Starting with the purchase of raw materials, through kneading, baking and packaging- the production process of the Berman Group meets the highest and strictest quality standards in the field.

The quality control system of the Berman Group consists of two engineers and eight quality controllers, performing meticulous quality control around the clock, 24 hours a day, from the end of Shabbat to its beginning. Everything is done to ensure the quality and safety of the products without any compromise.


Teken 9001
ISO 9001 Standard 2008 version- this standard signifies international approval from the Standards Institute, received after a thorough inspection of the Berman Group quality control system. This means the Berman Group has been found qualified and fit on the strict standard requirements of management, production and control.


HACCP Standard
HACCP Standard- a standard of product safety. Its purpose is to ensure the production and side production processes minimize the health risks involved in manufacturing and consuming of the product (applies in Vadash Bakery).


GMP Standard
GMP Standard- the Ministry of Health standard for proper manufacturing conditions. The standard indicates the production conditions of Vadash Bakery from The Berman Group meet the Ministry of Health requirements, ensuring the quality of the product in terms of health.


SMETA Standard
SMETA Standard- an international standard given for implementing the social responsibility of Vadash Bakery from the Berman Group, which promises to uphold social responsibility through the production, service, personnel management and finances of the organization.