The Berman Group has a longstanding tradition of baking breads and other baked goods while applying strict standards of control and quality assurance. From purchasing the raw ingredients through the process of kneading, baking and packaging, the Berman Group meets all of the industry’s most stringent standards and regulations. Berman’s quality assurance department employs two food engineers and eight quality inspectors who carry out meticulous quality control around the clock from Saturday night to Friday afternoon. This is done in order to ensure the uncompromising quality and safety of our products.

  • ISO Standard 9001, 2008 edition - This standard certifies that the Standards Institute of Israel inspected the Berman's Bakery quality assurance system and issued an international authorization confirming it complies with the stringent standard requirements of managing food manufacturing and control.

  • HACCP Standard - Product Safety Standard The goal is to ensure that the manufacturing processes and any accompanying manufacturing-supporting processes are able to minimize health risks associated with the products manufacturing and their consumption (applies to Vadash bakery).

  • GMP Standard - The Ministry of Health standard for proper manufacturing processes. This standard ensures that the manufacturing conditions in the Vadash Bakery (part of the Berman Group) meet the Ministry of Health’s requirements, while guaranteeing the quality of the product from a health safety perspective.

  • SMETA Standard - An international standard that guarantees the Vadash Bakery's (part of the Berman Group) corporate social responsibility, which guarantees compliance with corporate social responsibility in the areas of production, service, personnel management, and organizational economy.