Terms of use  and Privacy policy on the Website

Welcome to the  J. and E. Berman LTD Website (hereinafter: “Bremen“), the very use of the Website, including the content and services contained therein, indicates the user’s consent to all terms of use as set forth below (“Terms of Use“).

It should be emphasized that the terms of use may change from time to time and the users are under an obligation to keep up to date accordingly. It should also be made clear that these terms of use are formulated in male language for convenience only, and they of course refer to women as well.

The Website provides information and content related  to Bremen activity and its products, as well as to search for jobs and appeal to Bremen.

Users are entitled to use the content appearing on  theטWebsite, accordingly and in accordance with the terms  listed below:


“Website” – a Website belonging to Bremen at the site’s  domain address:  www.berman.co.il

“Other Sites” –  Any Website with a different domain address then the Website .

“User” –  Anyone who browses to the Website  through any device and/or means including a computer, mobile phone, and/or any other means.

“Intellectual Property” –  any right that belongs to Bremen, whether they are registered rights or non-registered rights: Patents, design, registered sample, trademark and source alias. Copyright,  performing rights,  reputation,  well-known trademark, registered trademark.

The Law” – The law, which applies in the state of Israel including the main legislation, sub-legislation, procedure and any legally-binding directive, which applies in Israel.

Using the Website

Any user may use the Website, however, Berman may prevent and / or restrict the use of any User on the Website, at its sole discretion and without the need to state reasons.

Berman allows the Website to be used for non-commercial purposes and may not be copied and / or used and / or allowed by others to use, the content of the Website, including use through other Websites, digital publications, printouts and / or otherwise.

No computer application or any other means may be invoked or enabled for search, scanning, copying or automatic retrieval of content from the Website and no tools and / or means may be created and used to create a repository containing content from the Website.

Content from the Web site should not be displayed in any way that changes the design of the Web site and / or lacks content from it and the Web site may not be used for advertisements and commercial content of other parties than Berman.

The Website may not be viewed and / or linked to from any site containing pornographic content, content that promotes racism or illicit discrimination, or is contrary to law, or that is in violation of the law or that promotes activity that is in violation of the law.

Intellectual Property

The intellectual property listed on the Website is exclusively owned by Berman, and the User has no permission and / or permission to use it, it is hereby clarified that the use of the Website does not constitute an authorization to use the intellectual property in the contents and services of the Website, without the express written consent of Berman.

Responsibility of the use and information

The Website provides information about products manufactured and/or marketed by Bremen, it must be emphasized that periodically there are changes in the products and their composition, Bremen does everything in order for the information on the Website to be updated and identical to the one appearing on the product packaging, in any event that there is a contradiction between the information appearing on the Website and the information detailed on the product packaging,The information detailed on    The product packaging is the  correct  and determining information about that product.

The Website has information about  food  and products that Bremen sells and markets, and it is emphasized that the information presented on the Website is merely a general information and in no case is a substitute for counseling andtesting of professionals, in  any case in which  there is a concern for the problem and/or sensitivity to a particular component and/or product,  consult with an expert in the field. The content on the Website can be used as they appear. Any argue towards Bremen shall not be claim regarding the content, abilities, limitations and suitability.

Submitting information on the Website

Some of the services on the Website require personal information such as first name and sur name, a residential address, an e-mail address, and a telephone number.

It should be emphasized and noted that, in the fact that you are browsing the Website  and when you fill out the details , the user gives his explicit consent  that Bremen can contact the user in any of the contact channels provided by the with the requested reference and service.

The user is not required by law to provide the details, but if he decides to provide details, he undertakes to provide his or her personal and correct details, providing incorrect or incomplete information, to impair the quality of the contactable service. If a third-party contact information is provided, the user declares that the third-party’s explicit consent has been obtained to submit his details to Berman and to make contact with him on Berman’s part

Links to other sites

The Website may contain links to other Websites on the Internet, and it is made clear that the fact that the Website links to other sites does not impose on Berman any obligation and / or attest to Berman’s consent to the content appearing on those Websites and in no event to impose on Berman any liability in connection with it. For their activities and / or content contained therein, and Berman is not responsible in any way or for any information and / or result and / or damage caused by the use or reliance on those other Websites.

Privacy Policy

Berman attaches great importance to maintaining privacy. This privacy policy explains what information is stored and / or used when browsing the Website .

Berman will do its utmost to ensure that the Website Services work in its proper manner but does not warrant that the Website Services will not be interrupted and provided at all times without interruptions and / or errors and / or malfunctions, and be immune from unauthorized access and / or leakage of information to unauthorized parties.

Berman may discontinue all or part of the Website activity at any time, and may from time to time change the structure and design and availability of the Website, remove and add services from it, and may change any other aspect of the Website and all such immediately and without prior notice. .

Personal information

When contacting Bremen for contact, the user is asked to provide personal details such as first and last name, residential address, e-mail address and telephone number. The fields that must be filled in are explicitly marked.

The personal information that the user submits will be stored in Berman’s customer inquiries database and the mere delivery of the information constitutes your agreement that these details will be stored and managed in the Berman customer service database.

The information in the database will only be used for the purpose for which they were provided and / or for the proper operation and development of the Website and all subject to any law and conditions of use.

Berman undertakes not to transmit the information to third parties due to the activity on the Website, but in these cases:

  • in a case of violation of the Terms of Use of the Website or when a concern is raised against a violation of law.
  • In the case where it is legally required to provide the information.
  • For conducting a legal process for which Berman is a party.

General information

When using the Website , Berman may collect general information about the Web browsing as well, including content and comments, information or advertisements and / or recipes and / or product information, the pages you viewed, the services of interest to you, the browsing data such as: Web address (IP Address) by which you access the site, browser type, etc. It is further clarified that Berman may use the services of third parties in connection with such information analysis.

The Website may use “Cookies” for the proper and regular operation of the Website if a user does not wish to use such “cookies”, this can be prevented by changing the settings in the browser.

The Website may use the Google Analytics analytics tool to monitor and analyze the actions of the Website. It should be clarified that the analysis is based on anonymous information only and no information is used in a way that can identify users.

Pursuant to the Privacy Protection Law, 1981 – Every person is entitled to view the information stored in the database, all containing information about him if there is information about a user in the barman’s database, he may request such written request.

Jurisdiction and indemnification

The competent court in the City of Tel Aviv in Israel will have exclusive jurisdiction to hear any dispute relating to the Website or any other matter arising from or linking to the Website And in accordance with the law of the state of israel.

It is further agreed and stated that no allegation will be heard regarding an improper forum on jurisdiction.

The user undertakes to indemnify Berman, its employees, its managers or anyone on its behalf for any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment or expense incurred by them – including attorney’s fees and legal expenses – for violating these Terms of Use.