Berman Bakery was established in 1875 and is one of the largest and most prominent bakeries in Israel. It delivers bread and baked goods to hundreds of households across the country. At Berman Bakery, we bring about our longstanding baking tradition while maintaining a high standard of quality. We provide a rich selection of breads, including healthy and low-calorie breads, challahs, pitas, rolls, and a variety of cookies and cakes. The Berman Bakery covers 10,000 square meter in the industrial area of Givat Shaul in Jerusalem. Berman uses advanced technologies throughout its entire manufacturing process – from baking to slicing and packaging. The bakery operates using automated machinery that produces 3,000 loafs of bread per hour, with no human intervention throughout the entire process.

Rabbi Todros Halevy and his wife, Krisha together with their sons Yehoshua and Elya, immigrated to Israel from Czarist Russia and settled in the Jewish quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem. When the money the family brought with them from Russia ran out, Krisha started baking honey cakes and dark loafs of bread and offered them to the pilgrims coming to the holy city. The smell and taste of our delicious bread and cakes has allowed our business to flourish. Yehoshua, the oldest son, joined his mother in the bakery, worked tirelessly and thought of his work as a blessing.

Yehoshua was the first Jewish resident in Jerusalem to open a shop outside the Old City's walls, in Jaffa Street. The baked goods were transported using horses and mules strapped to carriages that were bought from the Austrian army. The carriages were stamped with an anchor, the symbol of one of the Austrian army's divisions. Over the years, the anchor became the Berman Bakery trade mark. With the expansion of the Jewish Yishuv outside of the Old City's walls, Yehoshua Berman and his family moved to Mea Shearim neighborhood where he built the family's house on abandoned land. Next to the house he built his bakery. It was the largest bakery in Israel and in the entire Middle East. Many flocked to witness the new marvel - a modern and advanced bakery together with the electrical generators that supplied it and the family's house. When the business started to grow, Yehoshua asked his brother, Eliyahu Berman, to join him as his partner and their business became known as "Y. and E. Berman”.

The Berman Bakery supplied baked goods for both the British mandate and the Jewish Yishuv. When the British mandate ended and the Independence War began, Jerusalem was besieged and flour and gas had to be allocated so they wouldn't run out. This led to a severe shortage and even hunger inside the city of Jerusalem. Due to the bakery's proximity to the Jordanian border, in addition to it being the main source of supply for the besieged population of Jerusalem, the bakery became a strategic target. In fact, there were several attempts to bomb it. Despite this, the bakery did not halt its manufacturing work even for one day and the people of Jerusalem had a regular supply of bread.

Since the foundation of the State of Israel and up until 1965, the Berman Bakery sold baked goods from its factory in Mea Shearim all across Jerusalem and its surrounding areas.

The bakery relocated to its new residence in 24 Beit Hadfos Street in Jerusalem. Yitzak Berman, fourth generation of the "Berman Bakers", and the current owner of the bakery, joins the business after being discharged from the army. After years of taking on different positions within the bakery and learning the business, he became the prime owner of the bakery, which was founded by his great-grandmother, Krisha Berman. The Berman family's fifth generation, which include Yitzak's daughters, Teda and Avital together with his son-in-law, Gabi Mazursky, joined the business, and following the family's tradition, have taken on different positions within the company.

The bakery's operations expand beyond Jerusalem.

Yitzak Berman becomes the company's primary shareholder and thus replaces his grandfather who owned two-thirds of the business.

The Berman company acquires the Vadash Bakery, as well as Haaretz Bakery, which specializes in premium breads.

The Berman Bakery acquires the Chen Bread Bakery.

The Berman Bakery acquires the Libbo Bakery, which specializes in making breads for the Russian community in Israel.

Berman Y. and E. Ltd. employs approximately 1,000 employees. Berman owns a bakery shop that supplies different baked goods to our clients and to the other Berman shops. The bakery operates using advanced technology, which includes automated and computed production lines that do not require any human intervention from the initial stage of the ingredients through the kneading, processing, baking, cooling and all the way up to the packaging. The company owns a fleet of 135 trucks and a nation-wide distribution system that operates effectively on a tight schedule - providing service to almost 3,000 clients across Israel, from Kiryat Shmona in the north to Eilat in the south.